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Q: How do I sign up?
A: You can sign up here for free.

Q: How much is it to get started?
A: Sign up is completely free. Create free test accounts to get a feel for our system and only pay for the accounts you need. Please note: websites are not visible to the public until they have been paid for.

Q: How much does it cost to upgrade my users?
A: Our pricing starts at $2.79 per month, per user on a yearly term.

Q: How do I make VivitiCMS my own?
A: After signing up you will gain access to the Partner Admin. Inside the Partner Admin you can customize the look, colors and logos for your login page and toolbar. Customization options can be found under Content > Site Branding and Account > Profile.

Q: Can my clients user their own domain name?
A: Yes. You can add already registered domains to an account or register new ones using the VivitiCMS Partner Admin.

Q: How do my users login to their accounts?
A: Once you have created their account you can give them they login information that you entered when creating their account. Your login link can be found on the front page of your dashboard. You can also update this link by going to Account > Profile.

Q: Can my users login under my own domain?
A: Yes; if you are using our API System. If you are simply creating users in the Partner Admin your users must login using the generic URL provided to you; however, you can customize the look and feel of that site to match your own.

Q: How does the API system work?
A: Using a set of simple API calls you can give your customers full access to the entire Viviti website builder. You can even integrate management of accounts and websites into your own management portal. You can download the API documentation here.

For general help with the site builder please visit our Website Builder Wiki found here.

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Sign up is free. Only pay for the users you upgrade.

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